Best Custom Made Commercial Lighting Supplier for Contractors, Builders and Architects

October 25, 2023

In this article, we will introduce Langchu, a commercial lighting supplier for contractors, builders, and architects to you. The purpose of lighting is not just to brighten up a space. It should visually appeal to onlookers and augment the overall beauty and aesthetics of a space. Creating bespoke lighting that blends with the overall design and theme of a space can do wonders for the interior.
Langchu was established with the sole purpose of providing bespoke lighting solutions that bring out the soul of a space. 

Who are we?

Established in Shanghai in 2015, Langchu is one of the leading companies in China that offers bespoke commercial lighting supply for hotels, other commercial establishments, and of course, private residences. The flourishing demand for lighting, as well as our rich experience in China’s lighting industry, has helped us establish ourselves as one of the pioneers in bespoke lighting design.  

Continuous innovation, the use of diversified materials, and vast experience are what make us stand out from the rest. We have a strong commitment to innovation which ensures that each piece produced from our factory is unique and tailor-made for the customers’ requirements. 

We also place great emphasis on sustainability. Our bespoke lighting fixtures can be eco-friendly and energy-efficient and help reduce the carbon footprint. Thus, we are here to revolutionize the lighting industry. 

We have a 36000 sq meter factory, where our engineers brainstorm ideas and come up with unique and exclusive products. We help our customers turn their wildest fantasies into one-of-a-kind pieces of work that are both captivating and mesmerizing. 

For us, every piece of glass is an artwork, and we strive to bring perfection in every minute detail. From rendering to designing the product, molding, and finishing it, we give utmost importance to perfection in each and every piece we manufacture. 

lighting project

What do we offer?

At Langchu, we strive to push the boundaries of conventional lighting design. We specialize in designing, manufacturing, and installing bespoke lighting solutions for commercial establishments mainly hotels, restaurants, and institutional and private buildings. We bring together global brands, architects, and interior designers under one roof and provide them with bespoke lighting solutions. 

Whether you want to provide a glamorous look to the ballroom, light up the lounge area of the hotel, or add brightness to the dining space, we are there for you. Designers and architects can browse through our extensive portfolio of bespoke lights or come up with their own version of lights for the hospitality industry. 

We offer the following services to our clients. 


We know that architectural rendering is the backbone of any successful project, and undertake a thorough study of the architectural space and simulate the same to get a realistic approach. We start from scratch and ensure that every minute detail is taken into consideration. 


Based on the rendering, we undertake a detailed plan drawing. This helps in the precise installation of the light and ensures that every minute detail in the space aligns perfectly. 

Material sample collection

We are 100% particular about customer satisfaction. Thus, we collect the sample materials and send them to the client for approval before starting the manufacturing process. 

Manufacture and installation

Based on the final approval of the client, we send the material to the factory for production. If the client wants any change, we try to incorporate the same without affecting the overall aesthetics of the space. 

Maintenance and repair

Our service does not end with installation. We are particular that we continue our association with the clients even after the work is completed. Thus, we undertake regular maintenance to prolong the life of the fixtures and ensure that they light up your space with radiance. 

Our designers are the backbone of our team. Their creativity, collaboration, curiosity, and pragmatism help us design lights that are aesthetically appealing and functional. Our designers work closely with architects and clients and ensure a harmonious blend of lights with the overall design of the building. 

Our mission is to provide our customers with top-quality, energy-efficient, and maintenance-free lights. Every lighting solution that originates from our factory meets environmental regulations and international standards. Besides, we also offer competitive prices for our products, which ensures that the customers can get the best at a very affordable rate. In fact, we want our customers to have a variety of outstanding choices with elegant taste and design. 

luxurious custom lighting

Commercial custom lighting projects we take

We are committed to every single customer and/or project we undertake. Our experienced designers provide each customer with complete solutions based on the space and size available and the style they need.

We have completed 1000 successful projects across China including leading hotel chains, showhouses, restaurants, corporate offices, and even private residences. We have 80 different lighting styles, with several unique working techniques. The 12 unique test cycles ensure that the final product is up to the mark. 

A few of our leading commercial custom lighting projects are

  • –  Shanghai Cordis Hotel
  • –  Hangzhou Shangri-La Hotel
  • – Bangkok Four Seasons
  • – Singapore Park Royal Collection
  • – Kuala Lumpur The Pan Pacific Hotel-ballroom
  • – InterContinental Hotel Nanchang guest room
  • – Yancheng Hilton 

One of our signature designs is a huge customized chandelier designed for a high-end real estate sales center. With a size of 16700 *14700 * 4800 mm and an unfolding length of 30 meters, this is one of our signature masterpieces. 

We have earned recognition and support from our prestigious clients and are convinced that we will be able to serve potential customers from different backgrounds and industries.

special custom lighting

Why are we the best for contractors, builders & architects?

Prompt response and superior customer service

Prompt response and superior customer service are what make us stand out from our competitors. We clearly understand the requirements of our clients before undertaking any project. The entire process of lighting design, manufacture, and installation is thoroughly supervised so that shortfalls, if any, can be rectified without delay. 

Experienced designers

Our experienced designers ensure that all lighting products designed for the clients are state-of-the-art and unique. They clearly understand the requirements of the clients and custom-make the lights as per their needs. At the same time, they ensure that the price is kept affordable so that the overall project cost does not go beyond the budget. 

Timely completion

Timely completion of projects is another factor that makes us stand out. We understand that time is precious and deadlines are to be met promptly. The whole team of designers, production staff, technical staff, and operators work tirelessly to ensure that the project is completed on time. 

Fast delivery and efficient quality

Moreover, all our products are handmade in China and this ensures both fast delivery and efficient quality of services. Our product complies with all relevant regulations and standards. They carry GS quality seal certification, Golden M certification, and General certification. 

Extensive coordination and collaboration

Extensive coordination and collaboration with design firms ensure that we get the best lighting design in the industry. We have collaborated with a few of the famous design studios like LTW Designworks, Singapore, Cheng Chung Design (CCD), Hongkong, SteveLeung Design Group, Hongkong, Hirsch Bedner Associates (HBA) USA,  M+ Design, Italy, Gold Mantis, China and  PAL design group, Hong Kong.  

At Langchu, we endeavor to offer quality products, reliable services, and, more importantly, a whole process from initial planning to ultimate presentation. By continuous communication and gradually building a trust-based relationship, we believe we will be able to bring potential customers pleasant cooperation and an incomparable visual treat.

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