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Langchu is a design-oriented bespoke lighting manufacturer. From the very first stage, we work together with our clients or designers to explore the feasibility and optimal direction of their project, even though they may only have a vague idea or inspiration.

With our experience and design competence, we offer our customers the best possible implementation of their luminaire installations.

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To offer client skectches for quick dimensions and appearances confirmation.

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After confirming the design direction, for large-scale art installations, we produce 1:1 renderings for volume studies, helping clients visualize the final effect.

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After light fixtures' shapes, sizes and materials are confirmed, we will provide shop drawings for interior designers to modify and approve. This drawing is also the basis for following production, and from this drawing, we develop the pre-buried drawing, wiring diagram and installation drawings.

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Before we go into mass production, we always make prototypes to confirm the actual effect and make sure it has the texture, color and scale that we want.

Before shipment, we do trial installation,to detect problems and share expierences with customers, to ensure a smooth installation on site.

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For domestic projects in Asia, we send professional installers to complete the installation. Due to labor regulations and costs, projects in other continents are usually arranged by the customer, and we will provide detailed installation drawings. Moreover, through the pre-shipment factory trial assembly, we have identified possible problems and made improvements, and shared this process and installation techniques with customer to ensure the on-site installation can be completed smoothly.

We can also send engineer to site to instruct or do vedio call to answer questions that you might encounter.

Customized products mean a lot of testing and refinement, and our goal is to make that process easy and manageable.