Herman James


Over a decade of experience in the lighting industry

Having worked in the lighting industry for over a decade, Herman James has honed their expertise in creating unique and innovative lighting designs for various projects. His extensive portfolio includes residential, commercial, hospitality, and institutional spaces, showcasing their versatility and adaptability to different environments.

Articles by Herman James

9 Best Lighting Ideas for Vaulted Ceiling

The arched or curved shape of a vaulted ceiling gives it its name; it resembles the interior of an arch or vault. It usually slopes downhill towards the walls on either side and is higher in the center. The vaulted ceilings give a sense of grandeur and make the space airy and large. Do you […]

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6 Restaurant Design Ideas for That Stunning & Unique Look

What attracts you to a restaurant other than food? Of course, it is the ambiance. The way a restaurant is designed plays an important role in attracting customers and making them feel like dining there. The food served in a restaurant can be tasty and appealing. But what if the restaurant is not designed aesthetically? […]

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Beyond the Bulb: All About Lighting Design History

Few of the world’s innovations have proved as important as lighting, and we’ve seen the options come a long way. In this post, we are exploring the various lighting eras, from the early use of fire to oil lamps and candles and finally today’s lighting with an emphasis on functionality. Keep reading to take a deeper dive into the lighting revolutions that have transformed society and continue to shape our spaces.

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Our Expert Tips for Art Deco Lighting for a Timeless and Elegant Space

Get that timeless and elegant space that never fails to impress your guests. With Art Deco lighting, you can attract customers or impress your guests. 

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Everything You Need to Know About Bar Light Fixture

Bar light fixture is a clever as well as important way to enhance the atmosphere of the interior of the bar space.

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Bathroom Light Fixture Ideas for A New Look and Feel

When you think of renovating your bathroom, what is the first thought that comes to your mind? Is it about knocking off that old bathtub and going for a new one? Or changing the wall color to something stylish and classy? Well, there is nothing wrong with your thought process. But do you know that […]

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11 Stairway Lighting Ideas for that Stunning Look

Aesthetically decorating the stairways with stairway lighitng can add a touch of class and elegance to your interior.

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Kitchen Lights for Low Ceilings: 11 Clever Ideas for Your Home

Kitchens with low ceilings are no exception when it comes to the critical function lighting plays in transforming any space.

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Tips on Choosing the Perfect Mudroom Light Fixture

Before learning the tips and factors to help you find the perfect mudroom light fixture, there are options you need to consider. But before we dive into that, let’s read through the advantages of having the correct mudroom lightroom fixture.

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10 Master Bedroom Lighting Ideas to Create An Elegant Look

Lighting is an essential for home interiror. Check the 10 master bedroom lighting ideas to create an elegant look together with us!

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