12 Stunning Rattan Light Fixture Ideas to Brighten Your Home

December 11, 2023

Rattan light fixtures are having a moment in home décor. The natural, woven look of rattan brings a touch of boho-chic style that feels fresh, on-trend, and full of texture. Rattan lighting fixtures like pendants, chandeliers, and lamps make a statement while providing much-needed illumination. Rattan lighting fits seamlessly into casual, relaxed spaces like covered patios, nurseries, bedrooms, and living rooms. 

We’ll explore in this article why rattan is so popular and highlight 12 beautiful ideas to brighten your home’s lighting. 

Keep reading for chic rattan lighting inspiration, from small-scale pendants to dramatic chandeliers.

Benefits of Rattan Light Fixture

What makes rattan lighting fixtures so desirable in modern interior design? Rattan offers many aesthetic and functional benefits:

  • Natural Material: Rattan comes from a species of climbing palm native to tropical regions in Asia and Africa. Using authentic, organic rattan (rather than synthetic rattan-lookalikes) adds a natural texture.
  • Bohemian Style: Intertwined rattan has an undeniably free-spirited, bohemian vibe perfect for relaxed living spaces. The handmade look feels casual and approachable.
  • Diffused Light: The woven texture of rattan diffuses light beautifully for soft, ambient illumination and makes rattan lights ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, and dining spaces.
  • Durability: Rattan is quite durable and resilient for a natural fiber. Properly maintained rattan can last many years as a decorative and functional light fixture.
  • Easy to Clean: Natural rattan won’t rust or corrode. A simple dusting keeps rattan lights clean, with an occasional wiping with a damp cloth for deeper cleaning.
  • On-Trend Style: From pendants to chandeliers, rattan light fixtures align with the organic, nature-inspired look popular in home trends.

Why is Rattan Light Fixture Trending?

It’s no secret that rattan and other natural woven fibers are gracing every surface lately in home décor. 

From rattan seating to ceilings, screens, and lighting, rattan dominates the current trends. What exactly makes this organic material so irresistibly on-trend?

  1. Sustainability: Eco-conscious consumers appreciate rattan’s biodegradable and renewable properties as a sustainable plant-based material. Using authentic vs synthetic rattan fits with trends toward natural products.
  2. Warmth: The textured, fibrous composition of woven rattan conveys warmth and approachability that appeals to the relaxed, casual way we decorate and entertain today.
  3. Nostalgia: For some, rattan elicits fond memories of breezy, palm-filled vacations. Using it in home décor recalls the easygoing mood of tropical getaways.
  4. Exotic Appeal: While once hard to source, rattan is now more widely available. Its origins from tropical palm trees give rattan an exotic, far-flung appeal.
  5. Visual Interest: From a design standpoint, rattan’s intricate, interwoven texture has much more to take in. It adds lovely visual dimension and depth.

Rattan Light Fixture Styles

Rattan lighting comes in fixture styles to mix, match, and layer based on your lighting needs. Popular rattan fixture styles include:

Pendant Lights

Suspended pendant lights are likely the most prevalent rattan lighting choice today. Rattan pendants work over dining tables, kitchen islands, seating areas, and more. 

The availability of rattan drum pendants in many shapes and sizes with customizable cord lengths makes them one of the easiest ways to add rattan lighting.


For drama, a rattan chandelier makes a stellar style statement. 

Often round or domed in shape, circular rattan chandeliers can be the focal point over a dining room table or entryway. Cascading rattan chandelier styles also inspire awe.

Table Lamps

The warm glow of rattan table lamps flatters living rooms and bedrooms. 

The smaller scale makes lamps versatile, fitting onto side, end, sofa, and console tables. Ribbed or braided details give dimension.

Floor Lamps

Tall rattan floor lamps save space while infusing height into a room’s lighting. Look for woven rattan stacked orbs and column floor lamp styles to complement the furniture.

Vanity Lights

Rattan brings texture to bathrooms as well as vanity lighting. Coordinate a rattan vanity light with woven accessories and wood accents for a spa-like feel.

Flush Mounts

The low-profile flush mounts provide soft, even overhead lighting without protruding too far visually. They’re perfect for hallways, floors, laundry rooms, and more.

Swing Arm Lamps

Adjustable swing arm rattan lamps in a desk or wall mount style direct light precisely where needed, like by a favorite reading chair.

No matter your space or lighting needs, there’s likely a rattan fixture style that could enhance your room beautifully with the on-trend material.

Is Rattan Light Fixture Hard to Clean?

A common concern about rattan lighting is keeping the woven texture clean long-term. 

The great news is rattan light fixtures are easy to care for! Here are some essential rattan cleaning tips:

  1. Dusting is enough for regular upkeep. Use a soft duster or dry cloth to keep dust at bay. Running a microfiber duster over rattan twice a month keeps the texture looking fresh.
  2. Use a dry toothbrush to get into crevices. A dry toothbrush does the trick for fiddly spaces between woven fibers or hard-to-reach canopies up high.
  3. Wipe down with a damp cloth once in a while. Now and then, if you want to refresh the color after gradual dust buildup, wipe the rattan down using a soft, damp cloth with water or mild soap and water solution. Let the rattan dry before turning the fixture back on.
  4. Don’t immerse rattan in water. While rattan can handle a surface, wipe it down with a damp cloth, and don’t immerse it fully in water or use harsh spray cleaners. It can lead to swelling, discoloration, or damage over time.
  5. Vacuum gently if needed. You can use a handheld vacuum with the brush attachment at low suction to remove embedded debris for deeper cleaning. Just avoid using it too harshly.

With most dusting required and the ability to gently wipe or hand vacuum the fixtures, caring for a rattan light is manageable to keep its handsome, textural look thriving!

12 Rattan Light Fixture Ideas to Elevate Your Interior

Ready to add warmth, texture, and trendiness to your lighting? Keep scrolling for 12 stunning rattan light fixture ideas guaranteed to elevate your interior beautifully!

1. Serene Rattan Elegance for Your Dining Table

double rattan light pendant

Transform your dining space with the enchanting allure of River Pendant Natural. 

These two oversized, tan-colored spherical lights, hanging gracefully above your table, emit a warm glow, creating a serene dining experience. 

The handcrafted organic shapes effortlessly integrate with lush greenery. Decorative plates on the dining table echo the rattan textures and earthy tones.

The scene evokes relaxation and the easygoing mood of a Balinese villa, with the large pendant lights supplying ample illumination for dining and connection. 

2. Bali Charm: Bee’s Nest Pendant Lights for Stylish Spaces

four rattan light fixture

Enhance your kitchen, dining room, or bedroom with the allure of Bali-inspired Bee’s Nest pendant lights. 

Four unique lights grace a sleek black bar countertop paired with matching bar stools, creating a modern and sophisticated ambiance. 

Illuminate your space with the warm glow and artistic touch of these pendant lights, adding a touch of tropical elegance to your home.

3. Iconic Woven Rattan Coconut Palm Sconces

double wall palm rattan light

Decorate your space with two sconces featuring detailed woven rattan, mimicking palm bark texture. 

These handcrafted fixtures hold two lightbulbs that resemble coconuts and infuse your room with organic flair. 

These sconces nod to rattan’s tropical origins and are easy to install on the wall, blending sustainability with lively brightness. 

Against a crisp white background, their earthen textures and tones captivate effortlessly.

4. Illuminate Your Space with a Graceful Floor Lamp

table rattan light

Illuminate your space with sophistication using an exquisite rattan floor lamp. The detailed design complements a cozy rattan chair with a plush cushion, creating a harmonious blend of comfort and style. 

Against a heavenly white-ish feather carpet, this floor lamp stands as a focal point, radiating warm light and adding a touch of natural grace to your living space.

5. Curved Rattan Pendant Light Above Tropical Bar

double pendant light rattan

Immerse yourself in sophistication with the curved rattan pendant light suspended above a stylish bar countertop. 

This lighting centerpiece casts a warm glow over a scene adorned with fresh fruits on the countertop and shells in the cabinet backdrop set beneath a charming thatched roof.

Accompanied by comfortable wooden bar stools with cushions, this creates a tropical haven, inviting you to savor elegance and relaxation in every detail.

6. Flower-Shaped Rattan Pendant Light for Rustic Elegance

boho rattan light

Introduce a touch of enchantment to your rustic haven with our flower-shaped rattan pendant light

This exquisite fixture illuminates a space adorned with pine doors and a charming brick floor hanging gracefully above a cozy daybed sofa.

Against the backdrop of white walls and rustic decor, the pendant light becomes the focal point, casting a warm and inviting glow. 

7. Bent Pendant: A Symphony of Organic Beauty

Experience the allure of the Bent Natural String Rope Pendant Light—a radiant celebration of organic beauty. 

Skillfully crafted from natural string, it originates earthy elegance, creating a warm glow that elevates any space. 

This pendant light effortlessly blends rustic charm with modern aesthetics, making it an ideal choice to enhance the atmosphere in any room.

8. Rustic Elegance: Rattan Pendant Light Illuminating Farmhouse Dining

boho pendant rattan light

Transform your dining room into a haven of rustic elegance with a wooden farmhouse table, white chairs, and the warm glow of large rattan woven pendant light shades. 

The scene comes to life against a white wall adorned with plants and books.

The centerpiece, adorned with plants and complemented by rattan placemats, invites you to savor the perfect blend of nature-inspired decor and timeless charm.

9. Radiant Rattan Duo: Illuminating Dining and Living Spaces

dining room rattan pendant light

Elevate your home with the warm allure of rattan lights—one gracefully above the wooden dining table and another casting a gentle glow in the living room. 

Against a backdrop of serene white walls, a dried flower arrangement in neutral tones at the center of the wooden table, surrounded by inviting white dining chairs. 

10. Timeless Elegance: Vintage 50s Rattan Table Lamp in Shabby Chic Style

table rattan light

Step into the allure of the 50s with a vintage rattan masterpiece, the Lampe Louis SOGNOT, which seamlessly embodies shabby chic style. 

This timeless piece adds a touch of nostalgia and infuses your space with the enduring charm of rattan craftsmanship.

11. Large Rattan Table Lamp with Vintage Edison Charm

rattan lampshade with a bulb

Illuminate your space with sophistication using our large rattan table lamp featuring a Thomas Edison bulb set on a sleek black stand. 

The warm glow casts a mesmerizing shadow of woven rattan onto a rich brown wall, creating an ambiance that seamlessly merges modern charm with natural elegance. 

Embrace the enchanting play of light and shadow in this captivating addition to your home decor.

12. Beige Rattan Floor Lamp Illuminating Chic Living

Transform your living space into a bohemian haven with a beige-color rattan floor lamp casting a warm glow. 

The scene exudes a chic and inviting atmosphere against a soft pink wall adorned with a large brass mirror.

A glass coffee table at the center complements the bohemian, soft blush pink, and yellow living room style, and an array of plants adds a natural vibrancy. Immerse yourself in the diverse charm of this uniquely styled living space.

Embracing Rattan’s Timeless Elegance

Rattan’s woven texture effortlessly infuses interiors with natural warmth and breezy style through various light fixtures, from pendants to chandeliers. 

These 12 rattan light fixture ideas cater to diverse spaces for lighting upgrades in anything from relaxed family rooms to luxury dining areas. 

Rattan is an unbeatable choice with its affordability, adaptability to traditional and modern decor, and easy maintenance for those seeking the charm and versatility of organic textures in their lighting solutions.


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