8 Interesting Boho Light Fixture Ideas to Improve Your Space

December 26, 2023

We’ll talk about boho light fixture ideas for your interior decor in this article. But first, what is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “Boho”? It must be Bohemian fashion. With a mix of colors and textures and an eclectic vibe, this style is sure to capture your attention. 

But what exactly is Bohemian style in interiors? Bohemian style is nothing but a mix of earthy style, natural textures, and an eclectic vibe. It brings together different cultural elements tied together by a natural touch or organic vibe and involves mixing patterns, materials, and fixtures to create a much lighter and brighter space.

If you look at pictures of Bohemian style, you will notice that it is captivating and creates timeless aesthetics. Such is the beauty of the Boho style that it is increasingly used in interior decor worldwide.

What are the characteristics of the Boho style?

●     An eclectic mix of patterns and textures

A unique feature of Boho decor style is that no two patterns or textures are the same. Thus, you can see a mix of patterns and textures while decorating in Boho style.

E.g.; A living room can have a velvet sofa, a cotton cushion cover, and silk curtains. Similarly, the pattern can vary from floral to geometric or checkered design. This mix of textures and patterns makes the Boho style stand out.

●     No fixed color palette

You might have noticed that a contemporary style follows a neutral color scheme. At the same time, a casual decor style might have a vibrant color scheme.

A Boho style is a mix of two where you will notice different color palettes. In most cases, the wall color will be white to accentuate this different color palette.

For example, in boho style, you can decorate a living room with a green sofa cover, a red carpet, and blue ottomans. 
Bohemian glass pendant lamps

●     Use of natural elements

Do you know what ties together all the different design elements in the Boho style? It is the natural, organic elements. Materials like wood, jute, and wicker are used in their real form in Boho style.

E.g., in a Boho style, you can decorate a living room with different colored upholstery paired with a jute lampshade or wicker chair.

In addition, you can also use indoor plants and succulents to provide that natural touch with a green vibe.

●     Use of personalised decor

Giving a personal touch is key to Bohemian style of decor. Thus, you can display the beautiful artwork you created or the photo from your last vacation in a Boho style of decor.

What type and style of frame you use for displaying the artwork does not matter in Boho style, as the style itself is an eclectic mix.

●     Low-lying furniture

Giving a personal touch is key to Bohemian style of decor. Thus, you can display the beautiful artwork you created or the photo from your last vacation in a Boho style of decor.

What type and style of frame you use for displaying the artwork does not matter in Boho style, as the style itself is an eclectic mix.

●     Mix of Lighting

Like other forms of decor, layering of light is common in the Boho style as well. You can use lanterns, table lamps, and candles as ambient light.

To add a decorative touch, you can opt for chandeliers and pendant lights as well. Whatever lighting fixture you use, the overall ambiance should be warm and soft.
Lights with a sculptural look

Which are the best boho light fixture styles for Boho decor?

A. Wicker Pendant Lights

Wicker is a weaving style that uses bamboo or rattan to create stunning pieces. Pendant lights with wicker shades provide that natural touch needed for a Boho style of decor.

Wicker pendant lights are available in shapes like dome, cylinder, and round. While decorating in Boho style, you can hang pendant lights above a dining table or in the living room.

B. Macrame Chandeliers

As is known, macrame is a knotting technique used to create beautiful decorative pieces. Macrame chandeliers make use of high-quality cotton to create stunning knotted designs.

You can hang a macrame chandelier in the living room to create a stunning Boho-themed room. 

C. Rattan Table Lamps

Rattan table lamps are available in different designs and patterns. While some designs use rattan for the lampshade, some other designs use it as a base. Yet another type of table lamp uses rattan for both the base and the lampshade.

What design to go for is purely a personal choice. Since the Boho style is a mix of all design elements, there is no hard and fast rule regarding the type of table lamp to use.
Lights with amber glass shade

D. Moroccan-inspired Lanterns

The Moroccan-inspired lanterns, with their intricate carvings and unique shape, make another great boho light fixture. You can either place the lantern on the side table or use hanging lanterns to create a unique look.

What are some interesting Boho light fixture ideas for your interiors?

1.   Lights with natural shades

As mentioned earlier, natural elements are the key to the Boho style of decor. As such, you can incorporate these elements in the form of natural shades. Wicker pendant lights, rattan table lamps, jute burlap hanging lamps, etc are a few of the lighting options for the Boho style.

In addition to natural elements, the shape of the light is also important. Typically, lights in teardrop, drum and basket shapes look good in Boho style.

2.   Lights with wooden accents

Another natural element you can incorporate in the Boho style of lighting is wood. It is best to use light-shaded wood like maple and white oak to create the right effect.

Wooden pendant lights in the dining area, wooden linear lights in the kitchen, or table lamps with wooden bases and bodies are best suited for Boho’s decor style.
Lights with natural shades

3.   Lights with rope and macrame

Jute rope and macrame create a natural vibe. This makes it a good option for Boho decor. You can purchase a macrame or rope chandelier for your living area or a macrame hanging light for the rest of the rooms.

If you are a crafter, you can tie a rope around the base of a hanging lamp and create a Boho look. Similarly, if you are a crocheter, you can create a beautiful shade to go with the Boho vibe.

4.   Lights with nature-inspired design

If bringing in natural elements for Boho style is difficult, you can opt for nature-inspired designs to create the Boho feel.

 For example, a chandelier with branching arms and leaf-style motifs would look good in Boho decor. Similarly, you can opt for a copper chandelier in a floral theme to go with the Boho decor style.

5.   Lights with a sculptural look

Sculptures have unique features like sweeping curves and whorls. If bringing natural elements to the light fixture is challenging, you can go for fixtures with a sculpted look.

A globe-shaped pendant lamp with a smooth curve or one in a pill shape makes a great lighting option for Boho decor.
Lights with nature-inspired design

6.   Bohemian glass pendant lamps

Bohemian lamps are characterized by vibrant colors that go with the eclectic look of the Boho decor style. They are a perfect fusion of elements from different cultures like Arabic, South American and African.

7.   Lights with wire mesh

These are lights with mesh wires made of metal. These lights are normally designed in perfectly shaped curves in rose, copper, and white colors. 

8.   Lights with amber glass shade

A perfect combination of sulphur, melting iron, and carbon provides a rich and dark hue to the amber glass. This glass can be used as a shade of a pendant lamp or the body of a table lamp to create a Boho touch.

Now, you might wonder. I already have lighting fixtures in place. How can I change it into a Boho style? A simple solution is to add tassels.

Tassels are important Boho decor elements you can add to any decor piece. Hang a few tassels from the edge of the lighting fixture, and you are good to go.
Lights with amber glass shade


Boho lights are more than just a piece of fixture that you can hang from the ceiling. It has to incorporate the crux of the Boho style, like natural and raw elements, the right color scheme and material. With the right Boho-inspired lighting fixtures, you can convert any simple room into one with eclectic vibes.

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