7 Linear Light Fixtures Ideas to Revamp Your Interiors

January 8, 2024
office linear light fixture

“What are linear light fixtures?” It is nothing but lights that are fixed on a straight line.
Lighting the interiors is a challenging task. With the innumerable options available in the market, it becomes difficult to zero in on one particular design.

But then, how do you select the right lighting for your interiors? You should consider various factors, like the size of the room and your requirements. One type of lighting that stands out is linear lighting fixture. 

Now, you might ask, “What is linear lighting?” It is nothing but lights that are fixed on a straight line. This type of light brightens the interior and provides a new dimension to your room.

What are the advantages of linear light fixtures?

●     Even & Uniform Lighting

One of the main advantages of linear lighting is the even and uniform lighting it provides. Whether you’re installing the light in a small area like a linear chandelier or across the length of the room, the light you get remains even. In addition, you can change the brightness of the light per your requirement. Thus, you can set the right mood by installing linear lighting.

●     Sleek and Minimalist Design

Are you opting for a minimalistic look for your interior? Then linear lighting is a good option. You can opt for a linear light with a sleek design to get the desired effect.

Suspended linear chandeliers or recessed linear lights are good options if you want to create a minimalistic look.

●     Versatile Mounting Options

There are three different ways you can mount a linear light. It can be mounted on the surface or hung from the ceiling as suspended light. Recessed linear light provides an elegant and sophisticated look to the interiors.

When should you use linear light fixtures?

●     Residential Spaces

In residential spaces, there is no limit to the room where you can install the light. The only thing to consider is the size of the room where the light is installed.

In the living room, you can install the light right in the middle to provide even lighting throughout the room. As for the dining room, you can install it above the dining table, just like a pendant light.

Do you have a large kitchen with an island? Then, you can install the light over the island or in the space between the island and the kitchen counter. This provides enough brightness throughout the kitchen.

In addition, you can install the lighting along the wall to brighten a painting or any installation.
linear light

●     Commercial Spaces

Linear lights can be used in different commercial spaces like service stations, offices, schools, and libraries.

In offices, suspended linear lights can create a sense of depth. Similarly, linear lights of varying lengths can be used to restrict specific spaces within the office.

Service stations like gas stations and charging stations also benefit from linear lighting. While recessed lighting can be fixed on the station’s ceiling, surface lighting can be fixed on the convenience store near the station.

Recessed linear lights are also very common in libraries and schools as they provide enough brightness to the room.

●     Architectural Installations

You can use linear lights in architectural installations inside the house, like the bar counter, wine cabinets, stairs, and bookcase.

In commercial spaces, these lights can be used on the sides of stairs, display cabinets, and aisles.

What are the different types of linear lighting?

●     Surface-mounted linear light fixtures

This is one of the classic ways of installing linear light. In this type of installation, the lights are mounted on the surface of the ceiling.

Though this type of linear light has been used for years, it is still the most popular type. This is mainly because it provides a clean line and blends well with all types of decor.

●     Suspended linear light fixtures

As the name suggests, this type of light is suspended from the ceiling. They are mostly used as ambient light to brighten up the whole space.

Suspended linear lights are primarily used in spaces where lights are used as decorative elements. Thus, if you’re following a minimalistic decor style, suspended linear lights are not a good option.

●     Recessed linear light fixtures

These are linear lights that are flushed against the ceiling. Recessed linear lighting is a good option if you follow a minimalistic decor style in your interior.

Similarly, you can also use recessed linear lighting if the room has a low ceiling. Since the light is flushed against the ceiling, it creates a seamless finish and does not make the ceiling look too low.

Linear light fixtures that can change the look of your interiors.

1.   Thin line pendant by Robert Sonneman

The Thin Line Pendant by the famous designer Robert Sonneman is a linear lighting with a sleek and minimal design. The light is made of aluminum and is both functional and stylish. The peculiarity of this linear light is its two-sided configuration that provides flexibility in design.

This linear light can be used in dining rooms, kitchens, and commercial spaces.

2.   City Scape by Hubbardton Forge

The City Scape large linear pendant by Hubbardton Forge is inspired by the skyscraper silhouette reflecting on a waterfront. This linear lighting is more of a decorative piece and looks stunning in a modern decor style.

This linear light is available in various finishes like bronze, dark smoke, modern brass, and soft gold. It looks stunning when hung above a dining table.

3.   Volver linear pendant by Terzani, USA

Combining the latest LED technology with the beauty of crystals is the Volvo linear pendant from Terzani, USA. This ornamental linear pendant is the perfect choice if you want to add a decorative element to your interior.

This pendant light would look good in large dining areas due to its unique design. This light is available in black nickel, bronze, gold, and nickel finishes for that stunning look.
linear light fixture

4.   Tam Tam linear pendant by Fabien Dumas

The Tam Tam is a highly functional and flexible linear lighting by the Berlin-based designer Fabien Dumas. This contemporary light has four separate lamps attached to a rod to create a stunning lighting solution. The main advantage of this lighting is the ability to move the individual lights according to your requirements.

Whether you are cooking in the kitchen or working in an office, this innovative linear light makes a perfect choice.

5.   Crown Plana linear pendant from Nemo Lighting

The Crown Plana linear pendant from Nemo Lighting is inspiration by the shape of a snowflake. The modular structure of the light makes it possible to combine different colors and sizes. You can install this beautiful linear pendant in the dining area and create a visually appealing look.

6. Farmhouse linear chandelier from Elk Lighting

Do you want to provide an antique charm to your interiors? The Farmhouse linear chandelier from Elk Lighting is the perfect choice. Designed in a pulley style with an oil bronze finish, this lighting has a counterweight system for height adjustment.

Hang it above the dining table to provide a stunning and elegant look!

7. TruLine TruQuad from Pure Edge

The Truline Truquad is a recessed linear lighting fixture that creates a seamless finish on the ceiling. This fixture is available in varying lengths and can be installed both on the wall and the ceiling. Whether you want to lighten up your home interior or office interior, this stunning linear lighting fixture makes a perfect choice.


The linear lighting fixture offers a seamless finish with a harmonious blend of style and functionality. It transforms the look of your interiors and creates an atmosphere of elegance and charm.

Whatever decor style you want to achieve, it is possible by carefully selecting the right linear lighting fixture. Whether you want to create a simple and minimalistic look or a stunning interior with decorative elements, you can achieve the same with linear lighting fixtures.

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