9 Office Light Fixture Ideas for That Elegant Home Office

January 31, 2024

We all know that the post-COVID work scenario has drastically changed. From the confines of the office space to the freedom of working from home, we have witnessed a significant transition in the working space. But have you ever felt bored working from a home office? Do you feel that the home office lacks the aesthetics and working environment that a regular office provides? Then, you are not alone. But do not worry!! There are ways to convert that small office nook into something more productive. Yes, we are talking about office light fixture that can add to the aesthetics and functionality of your home office.

What are the different types of office light fixtures required in a home office?

●     Ambient light

All rooms require a general-purpose light that can brighten up the space when you walk in. This applies to the home office as well.

Is your home office space attached to any other room? Then, one ambient lighting is enough for the entire room.

●     Task light

This is the most important office light fixture in a home office, specifically targeting your workspace. In fact, your productivity depends greatly on effective task light.

Do you take video calls quite often? Then, it is very important to have lights targeting your face to improve the picture quality.

In addition to the above, you can also use decorative lights like fairy lights to make your workspace more vibrant.
pendant office lamp

Home office light fixture ideas to improve productivity

1.   Task light for more focus

Are you involved in precision work like designing or drawing something? Then, you need a light that focuses on your actions.

Task lights are the best in such situations. You can mount these lights on the table and adjust them to focus on your work. These can either be standalone lights that you can move around or fixed on the sides of the table for more stability.

Some task lights even come with a USB charging port for added functionality. If you are frustrated with cluttered cords all around your desk, you can even opt for a cordless task light.
paper table light

2.   Floor lamps in case of limited space

What if you work on a very small table without space to place a task lamp? Floor lamps are the next best choice.

As the name suggests, you can place the lamp on the floor and adjust it to suit your requirements. In the case of small rooms, you can even try out an arched floor lamp that can be placed behind a seating.

The main advantage of using a floor lamp is that it acts both as ambient and task light. When you are not working, you can change the focus of the lamp and use it as general-purpose lighting.

3.   Ring light for video calls

Does your work involve a lot of video calls? Then ring lights are a perfect choice. These lights are circular in shape and can be adjusted to focus on your face.

The main advantage of ring light is that it does not create any harsh shadows. Thus, you are clearly visible when you use ring lights.

4.   Ceiling light with dimmer switch

If you are not into high-precision work, a ceiling light works well for a home office. You can provide a dimmer switch to the ceiling lamp to adjust the brightness per your choice.

Ceiling lights in unique styles and designs can create an elegant and sophisticated look in your work area.
chandelier office light

5.   Lamp shades for a softer look

If the task light is too harsh on you, using a lampshade is a good idea. The lampshade provides enough brightness and, at the same time, does not create a glaring effect.

It would be a good idea to use a white fabric shade or a paper shade to diffuse the light.

6.   LED strip for a vibrant look

Do you want to create a vibrant and lively feel in your home office? It would be a good idea to use LED strips.

If you have a bookshelf in your work area or a space where you store your office supplies, you can use LED strips to create a stunning and functional look.

RGB LED strips come in different colors, which you can control using your smartphone. This type of lighting would be more suited for spaces where creative work is carried out.

7.   Chandelier for meeting space

Do you have a large home office where you host your business partners and clients? Then, it would be a good idea to go for a bright ceiling light that lights up the whole space.

A large chandelier or pendant lamp makes a great choice for a meeting space. Ensure that the chandelier or pendant lamp blends with the room’s overall decor style.
pendant office light

8.   Chandelier for elevated ceiling

A chandelier will make a perfect option if you have a separate room as a workspace with a tall ceiling. The chandelier acts as ambient light and brightens up the whole space.

You can even go for large chandeliers as you need not worry about people hitting their heads against them. 

9.   Multiple pendant lights for a large desk

Suppose you have a large desk where multiple people sit together. How will you brighten the whole desk?

Multiple pendant lamps make a good choice. You can hang 2 or 3 pendant lamps from the ceiling, depending on the size of the desk. This can brighten up the whole desk and make your task easy.

What are the things to consider while lighting a home office?

●     Consider natural light

The first thing to consider is whether natural light is available in the room or not. Natural light is the best for creating the right working environment.

Set up the working space such that you get the maximum natural light. It is best to place the workstation facing the south or north as the chances of shadow formation are minimal.

●     Consider glare and shadow.

Glares and shadows in the workspace can definitely affect the quality of the space. To avoid this, you should make sure that the light is placed at a strategic location.

Do not place the lamp behind you; it can leave a shadow on the workspace. If you are using a task light, place it on the desk before you. In the case of a floor lamp, place it on one side so that it does not cast a shadow.

The worst form of lighting in a home office is indirect light. The light should not hit the laptop screen and cause a glare. Thus, strategically placing the light is very important.

●     Use different types of light.

Like any other room of the house, the home office also requires proper layering of light to create the desired effect.

A home office should have general-purpose lighting or ambient lighting and a task light. If you want, you can even add decorative lights like wall scones and fairy lights to add to the room’s aesthetics.


Do you want to significantly improve the productivity and well-being of the workspace? Then, creating an elegant office space with the right lighting design is very important.

The right type of light can reduce eye strain, enhance your mood, and, in turn, increase productivity. Thus, you should go for a combination of natural, ambient, and task lighting to create the right office setup.