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Langchu's design artistry was awe-inspiring, creating a breathtaking and immersive experience. Their attention to detail and exceptional talent elevated our project to new heights of beauty and sophistication. We are truly grateful for their remarkable design art ability.

Nicholette Chan

Project Mannager

Project Story

Sirpenski takes inspiration from the famed Sirpenski triangle and Alexander Graham Bell who supposedly developed the triangle geometry prior to Sirpenski after which the structure is named.

Though not a true Sirpenski triangle it does share the characteristics, in that there is tessellation. its more akin to tensegrity structures, where by a balance between tension and compression of steel wires and carbon rods give pyramidal form.

Using 3D printing we were able to iterate the design quickly, refining and optimizing the nodal points before settling on a final design, which itself was rapid manufactured from 3D printed Nylon – great strength to weight ratio. At 4.5m x 4.5m x 4.5m the light sculpture is lightweight, weighing at a mere 90kg.

Concealed cable routing ( made possible by 3D printing) connects a custom LED PCB within a central tube in each unit. Together they are mapped and animated to give a dynamic whole to the piece, spring tensioned Mylar spans a single face of each unit giving filter and reflection to the adjacent lights. The whole thus being read as greater than the sum of its parts. the component units working in harmony.

Sirpinski Tensegrity is a permanent installation with SOLO X a retail destination anchor of the GuoMao complex in central Beijing.

Fixture designed by Atelier I-N-D-J Team
Manufactured by Langchu Team

Work Process

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