Kitchen Lights for Low Ceilings: 11 Clever Ideas for Your Home

January 23, 2024

If you’re looking for unique kitchen lights for low ceilings, we have some amazing recommendations.

Maybe your home is a farmhouse or cottage with low, beamed ceilings. Perhaps the new house you built or the contemporary kitchen addition isn’t equipped with a high ceiling. An efficient tiered lighting plan is essential to any well-designed kitchen. 

Both good general lighting for general usage and a combination of focused lights are used for cooking and food preparation. Not to mention, accent lighting can draw attention to particular kitchen elements. 

Kitchens with low ceilings and plenty of windows could provide better lighting. But they need a strategic lighting design.

So, if you’re looking for unique kitchen lights for low ceilings, we have some amazing recommendations. 

Opt for Pendants Made of Glass Kitchen Lights for Low Ceilings

In a kitchen with low ceilings, most style guidelines could suggest staying away from pendant lighting. Use a transparent substance, like glass, to be resourceful. Above the dining table hangs a row of stylish smoked glass pendants that are hardly noticeable.  

In this manner, the kitchen will still have the most impact from the low-hanging lights without being obstructed or appearing smaller. The light can permeate the glass to provide effective ambient lighting for lounging and dining.
kitchen pendant light

Select Cool Metals Kitchen Lights for Low Ceilings

Since cottage kitchens typically have low ceilings, how might kitchen lighting take advantage of this feature? To start, choose all-white surfaces to make the room feel larger and detract from the low ceiling.

Check out the white-painted ceiling, white-painted cabinets, and floorboards. The outcome is a serene kitchen that exudes a contemporary rustic appeal. It also makes the gleaming metal light fixtures look blank.

Think About Pendant Lantern Lights

Hanging lantern pendant lights above your dining table or kitchen island is a great idea. Because of their exquisite shape, which draws the eye upward, they become the room’s main focal point. The pendants feature an open-air frame for a light and airy vibe and an adjustable chain that allows them to dangle high or low.

Creatively Layer the Lighting

When choosing kitchen lighting for a space with low ceilings, be creative. This will give the entire room a very unique but comfortable vibe. They serve as the kitchen island unit’s table lighting! A lighting designer may be necessary to aid with creative kitchen lights for low-ceiling solutions.

Consider a Skylight Kitchen Lights for Low Ceilings

Installing a skylight is one of the finest methods to bring in more natural light in a kitchen with low ceilings. Your kitchen will acquire plenty of natural light if you install a skylight. Additionally, skylights increase airflow, provide brightness, and minimize the amount of electricity needed for artificial lighting. 
kitchen ceiling pendant light

Put Downlights in Small-Sized Kitchen

Installing downlights with flush fittings will brighten up a small kitchen with low ceilings. These very invisible lights can be placed in grids or lines to match the design of your kitchen and take up no space above.

Install dimmer switches so you may adjust your lighting’s intensity based on the time of day. It’s an incredibly easy and adaptable method to light up the entire kitchen. 

Take Advantage of a Contemporary Track System

There will need to be more headroom for large chandeliers or striking low-slung pendants in kitchens with low ceilings. However, lighting can still be more eye-catching and powerful; it might simply require a little more imagination and planning.

Selecting a multi-layered lighting system is crucial. In order to compensate for the less appealing above lights, install additional lighting sources at various levels. Because of its flexibility, you may direct the light to exactly where you need it. Combine with under-cabinet lighting to provide a diffuse glow over the countertop.

Select Recessed LEDs

Use recessed LED strip lights all over the kitchen to create a sleek, contemporary atmosphere. It’s a really creative technique to offer several lighting levels to a kitchen with low ceilings. Your kitchen will glow if you install the LED tapes or strips along a plinth recess, under wall cabinets, and into the ceiling. 
kitchen ceiling recessed light

Consider Having a Track Lighting

One of the greatest kitchen lighting options for low ceilings is track lighting since it provides a more contemporary and modern twist on conventional overhead lighting. 

Modern track lighting systems are sleek and efficient, with low-profile lights and simple, clean lines, in contrast to their antiquated counterparts. Additionally, they enable innovative lighting arrangements, enabling you to precisely position your lights to highlight particular sections of your kitchen. 

Track lights are the ideal light source to offer a lot of light to a kitchen with a low ceiling, whether you’re wanting to brighten up dark areas or simply make your space look larger with sufficient ambient light.

Go for Wall Sconces

One issue that many homeowners have with low ceilings is figuring out how to add accent or ambient lighting without breaking their budgets. Wall sconces are a common option since they may offer excellent lighting with few space requirements. 

In addition to adding some color to the kitchen, they also make a lovely ornamental element. With its downward-focused light, wall sconces are frequently the ideal lights for over-sink areas in the kitchen, adding a sense of refinement and style.

Cabinet Interior Lighting

A good approach to add accent lighting and make a place feel brighter near the ceiling is to use interior cabinet lighting. Higher ceilings will appear when inside cabinet lights are added to the upper area of glass door cabinets. 

It’s one of the greatest kitchen lighting ideas for low ceilings since it enhances the kitchen ceiling lights and improves the ambiance and mood of the area. 

Take Away

Kitchens with low ceilings are no exception when it comes to the critical function lighting plays in transforming any space. Along with offering useful solutions, the creative ideas mentioned above also have an attractive appearance that can improve the overall feel of your kitchen. Every choice, from pendant lights to recessed lighting, offers a different technique to improve elegance and utility in a constrained area.

The practicality and beauty of your kitchen can be greatly enhanced by selecting the appropriate lighting fixtures. So go ahead, consider your options, and add the ideal balance of style and functionality to your kitchen with low ceilings.

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