10 Master Bedroom Lighting Ideas to Create An Elegant Look

January 15, 2024

What is the first thing you would consider while decorating a bedroom? If your answer is wall color or furniture, then you are wrong. It is lighting that can create the right ambiance and set the correct mood in the bedroom.

Do you know that layering of lighting is vital while decorating a bedroom? Yes, it is. The layering of light adds to the room’s functionality and creates the perfect blend of brightness and colors. It adds to the versatility of the room.

What are the different types of lights required in a bedroom?

●     Ambient light

Ambient light is a general-purpose light used to brighten the bedroom. It is the base light layer in addition to which other lights are added.

Generally, ceiling lights are used as ambient light in the bedroom. In addition, you can also use wall scones and chandeliers as ambient lights in a bedroom.

●     Decorative or accent light

Do you want to add a touch of glamour to your bedroom? Or do you want beautiful lights to focus on that painting you recently bought? Decorative lights are the perfect option.

The chandelier is the perfect decorative light that doubles as an ambient light. Beautiful wall scones with decorative elements and strategically placed floor lamps and table lamps also serve as decorative lights.

●     Task light

A bedroom is no longer the place for sleeping. If you are an avid reader, you will have a reading nook in the bedroom. Similarly, if you have a large bedroom, you will use it for other purposes, such as studying. Thus, having the right task lights adds to the room’s functionality.

The most commonly used task lights are table lamps and floor lamps. In addition, you can also use wall scones as task lights.

After going through the above lighting fixtures, did you notice any peculiarity in bedroom lighting? Yes, the same light would serve more than one purpose. While a chandelier can be used as an ambient and decorative light, table lamps double up as task and decorative light.

Thus, you should clearly understand the different types of lights available in the market and your requirements before finalizing the correct type for the bedroom.
bedroom pendant light

10 Master bedroom lighting ideas to create an elegant look

1.   Master bedroom lighting ideas: Win table lamps on either side of the bed 

Which is the first look that comes to your mind when you think of a bedroom? A bed with table lamps on either side. This is the classic bedroom decor style.

To provide a more elegant and symmetric feel, you can go for identical tables on either side of the bed.

Table lamps are task lights that create a warm look in the bedroom.

2.  Master bedroom lighting ideas:  Fan light as a decorative element 

If you use a fan instead of an air conditioner to cool your room, then a fan light is a good choice. This fixture has a beautiful light attached to its center that brightens and cools down the room at the same time.

A fan light serves mainly as a decorative light. Thus, it is best to have wall scones or other ambient lights to brighten up the room.

3.  Master bedroom lighting ideas: Handeliers for a classic look 

The chandelier is another classic lighting option for the bedroom. You can opt for any type of chandelier, depending on the decor style of the room.

For a more classic style, you can opt for chandeliers with beautiful crystals. A modern bedroom can have chandeliers with unique designs and patterns. A Sputnik chandelier is another great option to provide an elegant look to the interior.

4. Twin wall scones instead of table lamp

Just like table lamps on either side of the bed, you can also opt for wall scones. It is best to have identical wall scones to create a symmetrical and elegant look.

The main advantage of using wall scones is that they free up space on the bedside table.

5. Candelabra for a regal feel

For a Victorian and regal style of decor, candelabras are a perfect option. Candelabras have candle holders with multiple hands that create a decorative look with a royal touch.

You can hang the candelabra above the bed, or on the side in case of large bedrooms.

6. Colored chandeliers for a pop of color

Do you have a neutral-shaded bedroom with bland walls and furnishing? Then a pop of color can accentuate the look of the room.

The best way to add this pop of color is by going for a colored chandelier. This type of chandelier acts as a focal point of the room and draws attention to it.

7. Twin lights in between beds

If you have two queen-size beds in your bedroom, it would be a good idea to place twin lights in between both beds. This light can either be a table lamp or a wall scone.

Having identical lamps or wall scones helps create symmetry in decor. Match it up with identical bed covers for a more coordinated look.
bedroom table light

8. Floral light for a floral-themed room

Do you have the bedroom decorated in a floral theme? Then you can opt for floral-themed chandeliers and wall scones that blend with the overall theme of the room.

Petalled chandeliers that resemble a flower or pendant lights with floral etching make a perfect choice for the floral-themed room.

9. Pendant lighting above the bed

You might have noticed a pendant light above the dining table or in the study area. But what about hanging a pendant light above the bed for a unique look?

Yes, hanging pendant lights is another way to provide a touch of uniqueness to the bedroom decor. You can hang either a single pendant lamp or a bunch of globe-style pendant lights for that ultimate look and feel.

10. Spotlights on the ceiling

How about watching some beautiful stars before hitting the bed? That is the effect spotlights on the ceiling create.

You can either randomly place the spotlight on the ceiling or place it on an accent wall to create a unique look.

What are the things to consider while choosing master bedroom lighting ideas?

●     Opt for layering

Layering is the key to lighting up the bedroom. As mentioned earlier, you should have the perfect blend of ambient, task, and decorative lights to set the right mood in the bedroom.

The best thing about bedroom lighting is that the same type of light can act as ambient, task, or decorative light depending on your requirements.

●     Select the right light temperature

Light temperature is the color of a visible light. The ideal color temperature for bedroom light is very warm white of 2200-2700k to warm white of 3000k.

However, what light temperature to go for is purely a personal choice. It depends on the mood you want to create in the bedroom.

●     Consider the specs

You do not want the lighting fixture to look odd after installation! Thus, you should consider the specification of the surface before installing a lighting fixture.

E.g.; for ceiling light, you should consider the length, width, and height of the ceiling before purchasing the light. If the ceiling is very tall, it is best to go for large lighting fixtures that cover at least some portion of the ceiling.

In the case of table lamps, the general rule is to go for fixtures that cover 1/3rd or 2/3rd the width of the nightstand.


Lighting can change the aesthetics of any room, not to mention the bedroom. By carefully selecting lighting fixtures that blend with the overall decor style, you can create the right mood in the bedroom. But you should always consider your requirements before selecting the type of light to go for in the bedroom.

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