Bathroom Light Fixture Ideas for A New Look and Feel

January 25, 2024

When you think of renovating your bathroom, what is the first thought that comes to your mind? Is it about knocking off that old bathtub and going for a new one? Or changing the wall color to something stylish and classy? Well, there is nothing wrong with your thought process.

But do you know that changing the light fixture can drastically change your bathroom interior? Yes, it does. By changing the fixture, style, and even position, you can provide a new look to your bathroom.

Here, we present some exciting bathroom lighting ideas that you can try out for your next bathroom renovation.

What are the different types of lights used in a bathroom?

A bathroom is a highly functional area where you perform multiple tasks. Apart from maintaining your personal hygiene, most people also do personal grooming in a bathroom. Thus, bathrooms should have different types of lights to cater to the various functions.

●     Ambient light

Which is the first light you turn on when entering a bathroom? It is the general purpose of ambient light. As the name suggests, the primary purpose of this lighting is to provide general illumination to the bathroom.

The most commonly used ambient light in the bathroom is a ceiling light. For luxurious bathrooms, chandeliers are also used as ambient lighting.

●     Task light

As the name suggests, the task lights are meant for performing specific tasks. Modern bathrooms are also space for personal grooming. You need bright, focused light to apply makeup and other grooming tasks. Thus, task lights are essential in a bathroom.

In modern bathrooms, task lights are installed in the bathroom vanity, where the mirror is also installed. These lights can either be fixed on the side of the mirror or on the back, as in the case of a backlit mirror.

There is another type of light called decorative light that is mostly used in living and dining areas to accentuate its beauty. Depending on the overall style of your bathroom, you can decide whether to go for decorative lighting.

Bathroom lighting ideas for a new look and feel

1.   Antique scones above the bathroom vanity

If an antique touch is what you want in the bathroom, an antique scone would be a perfect choice. You can either fix it as a wall scone or place it above the bathroom vanity as a task light.

The dark finish of this black bathroom light fixture can provide a bold and classic look to the bathroom.

2.   Light tubes on the sides of bathroom vanity

Vertically installed light tubes on both sides of the bathroom vanity are another great bathroom lighting idea. You can install a single or multiple lights depending on your desired light for the bathroom.

It would be a good idea to install multiple switches for each light so you can turn it on as needed.

3.   Colored shades for bathroom vanity

Do you want to provide a trendy look to the bathroom? Then colored shades are a great option. You can place the shades on either side of the bathroom vanity as task lights or on the wall as general-purpose lighting.

While using colored shades for lighting, make sure the shades are not dark colors. Dark colors can block light and may not provide enough brightness. Thus, it would be a great idea to go for shades with light or subtle colors.

4.   Crystal Chandelier on the ceiling

When you think of a chandelier, you associate it with a living room or dining room decor. But have you ever imagined using a chandelier in a bathroom?

A crystal chandelier would be a good choice to provide a traditional or Victorian touch to the bathroom. While selecting a chandelier, you should ensure it is proportionate to the bathroom size.

In the case of large bathrooms, you can go for large crystal chandeliers. But what if you have a small bathroom? It is best to go for small ones that blend with the overall decor of the bathroom.

5.   Lanterns in front of the bathroom vanity or on the ceiling

Installing ornate iron lanterns is a great way to provide an antique touch to the bathroom. You can hang these lanterns on both sides of the bathroom vanity or from the ceiling to provide a royal touch.

If you have a large bathroom vanity with a lot of counter space, you can even place the lanterns on either side of the countertop.

6.   Pendant lamps in bathroom vanity

If you think pendant lamps are meant for the dining area, then you are wrong. There is no limit to where you can use a pendant lamp, provided it blends with the room’s overall aesthetics.

You can hang beautiful pendant lamps on either side of the mirror. These lamps act both as task and decorative lights and provide a new dimension to the bathroom decor.

7.   Recessed light in bathroom vanity

If you have a large bathroom with the vanity as the focal point, installing recessed lights on the vanity would be a good idea. These recessed lights highlight the bathroom vanity and, at the same time, act as task lights as well.

But if these recessed lights are installed on top of the vanity, there are chances of shadow forming. Thus, it would be a good idea to install it on the sides of the vanity as well.

8.   Themed table lamps in the bathroom vanity

Have you decorated the bathroom with a certain theme? Then it would be a good idea to go for table lamps that go with the theme.

For example, if the bathroom is decorated in a coastal theme, you can place table lamps in shades of white, blue, and green to provide a coastal touch.

But you should keep in mind that these table lamps act mainly as a decorative piece. To make the bathroom more functional, you should provide additional task lights.

9.   Backlit mirrors

You might have noticed mirrors in commercial spaces with lights glowing from the back. These are called backlit mirrors. Backlit mirrors are becoming quite popular in residential bathroom lighting.

Backlit mirrors act as decorative lights and task lights as they provide enough brightness for personal grooming. Besides, it creates a special style and ambiance and provides a new dimension to the bathroom decor.

10.  Track lights

There are endless possibilities while using track lights in the bathroom. These lights are most commonly used as task lights and installed above the bathroom vanity.

In addition, you can also place these lights on the ceiling of the bathroom. Once done, they serve the purpose of ambient lighting.


Lighting can change the look of any room, not to mention bathrooms. Since the bathroom is a highly functional space, it is very important to select the lights carefully. The light selected should augment the look of the bathroom and, at the same time, not affect its functionality.

A highly experienced interior designer can help you select the right lighting fixtures for your bathroom. A perfect blend of style, functionality, and aesthetics can convert an ordinary-looking bathroom into a glamorous room.

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