W Hotel Suzhou SOL37



Suzhou, China





Working with Langchu was a seamless experience. Their collaborative approach and attention to detail ensured that our space was not only beautifully lit but also optimized for functionality.

Nicholette Chan

Project Manager

Project Story

W Suzhou is a hotel work of light and shadow as well as a masterwork of Mediterranean flavors. It was created to offer a unique eating experience that captures the interaction between ice and fire, solids and liquids, sea and land. A massive light installation made up of more than 1,150 sheets is the “Lunar” device. As the flakes go along the track, their size and angle change. The transition from circular to oval shapes represents the shifting moon phases. They stand for the unstoppable march of time forward.

Along its linear route, a soft dynamic light flows, creating light and shadow. The “Moon Shift” connects the dining area with the bar upstairs, serving as the room’s center point both literally and metaphorically. A long corridor serves as a portal to another universe, leaving our own behind. One feels eager to move onward as glimpses of that wonderful space provide a tantalizing preview of what is to come. The gentle filtration of sound and light tempts visitors to explore more of the corridor. The direction and gravitational pull towards the destination are reinforced by the narrow beams of light that cast shadows on one side of the route. A light fixture positioned on the other wall is the source of this brilliant illumination.

Work Process

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