Illuminate and Inspire: Top 13 Coffee Shop Lighting Ideas

June 12, 2024

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In this article, we will describe 15 coffee shop lighting ideas that can set your shop apart from others. Whether you are a coffee shop owner or an enthusiast who wants to know how you can make your place look appealing and inviting, we have got you. So, grab a cup of coffee, settle in, and explore the following ideas.

Hey there, coffee shop owners! Do you want to know a secret that makes people fall for any coffee shop? That is the magic of proper lighting. It is not just about illuminance; it’s a key ingredient that creates a welcoming and soothing atmosphere and makes it impossible for people to forget your place.

In this article, we will describe 15 coffee shop lighting ideas that can set your shop apart from others. Whether you are a coffee shop owner or an enthusiast who wants to know how you can make your place look appealing and inviting, we have got you covered. So, grab a cup of coffee, settle in, and explore the following ideas.

Importance of Coffee Shop Lighting

Here are some points that show the importance of coffee shop lighting.

  • Lighting sets the mood (energetic, welcoming, etc.)
  • It enhances the aesthetic appeal
  • It guides customer flow
  • It improves functionality, such as task performance, for customers and staff
  • It creates visual interest
  • It uplifts the overall ambiance of a coffee shop and makes people revisit the shop
  • It helps the customers to click memorable photographs

Entrance Lighting Ideas

Here are some lighting ideas for enhancing the overall look of the coffee shop entrance.

Neon Signage

Neon signage displays your coffee shop’s name brightly and illuminated. An illuminated name draws people’s attention toward your shop, especially at night, and makes the appearance pleasant. You can also install open and close signage made from LED neon lights if you have glass doors in your coffee shop. For creativity, you can also install your illuminated logo on glass doors.

LED Menu Board

An LED menu board displays your offerings at the entrance or inside the coffee shop. This board enhances readability and lets your customer know the menu’s prices from afar in any lighting condition.

Hanging Lights above the menu

If your coffee shop’s theme is traditional and rustic, you can hang light above the menu board. You can use track lights, spotlights, and halogen lights for this.

Interior Lighting Ideas for the Dining Area

Now, let’s talk about lights for the dining area of your coffee shop, where your customers will be sitting and having their meals. That’s where you should put more effort into lighting, as people love to capture themselves and food images.

Natural Lighting

Natural lighting should be the main consideration when illuminating your coffee shop. Benefit from the beautiful natural light that enters your shop through the glass walls, adding to its atmosphere. It would improve the ambiance and vibe of your place and reduce the electricity bills.

LED strip Lights

LED strip lights provide a flexible and economical lighting solution for coffee shops. They can be placed under countertops, around ceiling slides, or on shelves for continuous, discreet lighting. These lights improve the space’s functionality and look by highlighting particular features, enhancing the modern look. You can choose cool or warm lights according to the theme and decor of your coffee shop.

Pendant Lights

Transforming your dull coffee shop into a captivating place is quite a task. You can install pendant lights above tables and counters to create an eye-catching atmosphere. They come in different styles and designs. 

For instance, If you have a traditional theme at your coffee shop, you can use wooden or bamboo pendant lights, and If you have a contemporary theme, you can go for modern globe pendant lights.

Side Wall Lights

Incorporating side wall lights can make your coffee shop stand out, while most shop owners only focus on ceiling lights. Add wall sconces to the spaces next to each table for a fresh look. Its warm glow can help you create your desired and captivating look.


Install chandeliers to make a bold statement in your coffee shop. It is the focal point that adds elegance and creates a sophisticated look. They come in different finishes and materials; choose them according to your taste and interior design. They are suitable for coffee shops with high ceilings.

Table Lamps

Table lamps give each table unique lighting, creating a subtle and delightful atmosphere. Customers can adjust the lighting, adding a more private and customized atmosphere to each seating space.

Track Lights

You can install track lights to highlight a particular area of your coffee shop, like a menu board, artwork, or paintings. It helps people connect more to the theme of your shop.

Coffee Shop Lighting Ideas for Outdoor

If you have an outdoor coffee shop, the following lighting ideas are for you.

Pathway Lights

Brighten the paths that lead to your coffee shop or outside seating sections with pathway lights. These lights improve security, guide patrons, and foster a friendly environment. You can illuminate the path by putting lamps along the pathway. 

Woven Bamboo Pendant Lights

Bamboo pendant lights have a peculiar style and are composed of strong bamboo panels. The soft, natural light that a bamboo pendant light emits is redolent of candlelight. Using them to create a unique place for customers will be best.

String Lights

Using string lights is the perfect choice for an outdoor coffee shop. These string lights are draped across walkways or hung against trees. Their warm, diffused glow makes the place ideal for mingling and relaxing in the evening.

Coffee Shop Restroom Lighting

Restroom lighting plays a significant role in enhancing customer experience and ensuring cleanliness. Do you know how much girls love to take mirror selfies in the restroom? So, make sure to install lights around mirrors. Being mindful of these small things will get your shop good ratings.

Customize Your Coffee Shop Lights

We can customize your coffee shop lights; check our website for further details.


In wrapping up, lighting is essential in improving your coffee shop’s customer experience and ambiance. Each factor contributes to making your shop customer’s favorite, from neon signage to direct pendant lights. Whether indoors or outdoors, thoughtful lighting solutions add to aesthetics and create an ethereal and inviting environment that patrons want to revisit.