How to Clean a Crystal Chandelier?

October 27, 2023

You have finally installed your favorite crystal chandelier and transformed the overall look of your room! But over time, you will notice the crystals becoming dull and turning black and ugly. What could be the reason? It is nothing but dirt.

As time passes, dirt, grime, and even your fingerprints accumulate on the crystals. This is why the crystal looks dull and less appealing. Now, what could be the solution? Of course, cleaning the chandelier.

Cleaning a crystal chandelier is essential to maintain its sparkling beauty and elegant look. Do you have a vintage heirloom? Or is yours a modern crystal chandelier? You can follow the below procedure to clean it and maintain its look.

How to clean a crystal chandelier?

There are two ways you can clean a crystal chandelier: either by removing the crystals or without removing it.

Now, you might wonder, “Which method should I follow?” Well, this depends on the type of chandelier and your choice.

Is the chandelier huge? Then, it would be best to remove the crystals and clean them. On the other hand, if the chandelier is small, you can keep it intact.

remove a chandelier

Cleaning the chandelier without removing the crystals

Prepare for the task

You do not want the floor to get dirty while cleaning, right? Then it would be best if you first prepared the work area.

For this, spread an old cloth on the floor to catch any falling dirt. If you have a carpet below the chandelier, removing it before spreading the cloth is a good option. After all, you do not want to damage that prized possession!

Once done, place a ladder on one side of the chandelier from where you plan to start cleaning.

You can now prepare yourself by wearing an apron with large pockets. This lets you carry the required cleaning accessories all the way up without the help of someone else.

Turn off the chandelier

Keeping the chandelier on while cleaning can be both risky and inconvenient. For this, you should turn off the chandelier and let it cool down before you begin the work.

To be safer, you can even tape the wall switch to prevent accidentally switching on the chandelier. Do you want added safety? Then you can even turn off the electric supply to that part of the room.

Dust the chandelier

Cleaning the chandelier should begin with dusting. You can use a duster or a microfibre cloth to remove dust from the surface.

Remember to keep air circulation to the room at a minimum so the dust does not fly all over. You can even hold a cloth with the other hand to catch the dust.

clean a chandelier

Clean the chandelier

Once the dusting is over, you can clean the chandelier with a cleaning solution.

Don’t want to use a commercial cleaning solution? Well, then, you can go for a DIY solution. For this, mix one part of rubbing alcohol with four parts of water. Voila!! Your homemade cleaning solution is ready.

Now spray the cleaning solution onto a cloth and gently wipe the crystals. Once done, you can use a microfiber cloth to dry the crystals.

Now, you might ask, “Isn’t it easy to spray the solution on the crystal and clean it? Why should I spray it on a cloth?” Spraying the solution directly on the crystal can affect its finish. Thus, spraying on a cloth and cleaning the crystals is always better.

Repeat the process

You can repeat the above process for cleaning the rest of the crystals.

But you should remember not to rotate the chandelier for cleaning. This can damage the wiring and affect the whole installation’s sturdiness.

Thus, whenever you want to clean a new crystal, moving the ladder to the correct position is better than turning the chandelier.

Cleaning the chandelier by removing the crystals

Cleaning the chandelier after removing the crystals can be a time-consuming affair. But the main advantage is that you can clean every nook and corner of the chandelier when the crystals are removed.

Prepare the floor

Unlike the previous cleaning method, you should be extra careful while removing and cleaning the crystals. Why? Because there is always a chance of the crystals falling and getting damaged.

To prevent this, you should place a padded cloth on the floor before removing the crystals. Even if the crystals fall by accident, they will not get damaged.

Remove the crystals

Now, you can proceed to remove the crystals one by one. Take the crystals off the chandelier and place them in a large bucket. You might need the help of someone to hold the bucket.

Do you have a complicated chandelier design? Then, taking a picture of the chandelier before removing the crystals would be a good idea. This will make your task of reinstalling the crystals easier.

Now, using a dry cloth, you can clean the dust off the chandelier.

clean a chandelier

Wash the crystals

You can wash the crystals using water and dish soap. Simple hand rubbing is enough to clean the crystals.

But what if the crystals have some stubborn stain? In that case, you can use a soft sponge to gently scrub and clean it. While cleaning, ensure not to use any abrasive material as it can scratch and damage the crystals.

Once done, you can dry the crystals with a soft cloth.

Fix the crystals

Once all the crystals are cleaned and dried, you can fix them back. If you handle the crystals carelessly, fingerprint marks might appear on them. To prevent this, wear a pair of gloves while reinstalling the crystals.


How easy or difficult it is to clean a chandelier depends on its size and complexity.

If the chandelier is small and simple in design, you can clean it easily within a few hours. However, if the chandelier is big and has complicated designs, then cleaning can be a tough task. In such a case, it is best to seek the help of a professional cleaning service for cleaning the chandelier.


When should you clean a chandelier?

A chandelier should be cleaned once every year or whenever the crystals appear dirty. If the chandelier’s frame appears to be dull, it also indicates that it needs cleaning.

Can I use vinegar to clean a crystal chandelier?

Yes, you can clean a crystal chandelier with vinegar. For this, pour one part of vinegar into two parts of water and mix thoroughly. Remove dust from the crystals and clean it with a cloth dipped in the solution.

clean a chandelier

How much does it cost to clean a crystal chandelier?

The cost to clean a chandelier depends on the size and design of the chandelier. For a basic chandelier, the cleaning cost can be between $175 – $350. For a more complicated and ornate chandelier, the cost can vary from $400 to $2000.

How long will it take to clean a crystal chandelier?

A simple and small chandelier would take 15 -30 minutes to clean. For large chandeliers with complicated designs, the cleaning process can take a full day.

Some large chandeliers will have provision to lower it. This provides more flexibility and reduces the time taken to clean it.

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