What is a Chandelier and How to Choose One for Your Home

October 30, 2023

Chandeliers are the pinnacle of elegance when it comes to lighting fixtures. It establishes the mood of the space and might spark conversations among visitors. To know all the options for putting a chandelier in your home, you must first educate yourself on chandeliers and their various designs and types.

This post will start with a brief overview of chandeliers, including their various types and uses. Following that, we will go over the advantages and the factors to take into account while choosing a chandelier in your home. 

What is a Chandelier?

A chandelier is a type of ceiling-hung lighting fixture with numerous arms attached to a central support. Its core is typically made of glass or crystal. Although chandeliers can be composed of materials, including wood, metal, and porcelain, they are typically more sophisticated than simple light bulbs or lanterns because they combine many types of lighting. Chandeliers are intended for ambient lighting and have several bulbs, frequently in multiple tiers.

What is the Purpose of a Chandelier?

They can be utilized to draw attention to particular elements or parts of the room. In addition to living rooms and bedrooms, entryways, and dining rooms are other common places to find chandeliers. 

Additionally, a variety of chandelier styles are accessible depending on your spending limit and preferred style. Chandeliers are guaranteed to offer charm and flair to your room, whether you’re seeking something contemporary and sleek or a more conventional style.

Before starting the process of installing a chandelier, it’s crucial to ask for help from a professional and carefully study the instructions because it can be a lengthy and difficult task. It’s also crucial to ensure that your home can withstand the weight of the chandelier and any accompanying accessories. A chandelier will instantly become the center of attention in your room after installation, attracting everyone who visits. 

what is chandelier

Common Types of Chandelier

Here are the most common types of chandeliers to keep in mind:

  • Glass: To create a design focal point that is as contemporary and airy as you prefer, opt for a glass chandelier.
  • Crystal: Select a sparkling crystal chandelier for a classy look. This will add a dramatic touch to the decor.
  • Candle: The most classic type of chandelier is a candle. Its light bulbs, which are in the form of candles, reflect the chandelier’s ancient French term “candle holder.”
  • Tiffany: This is a kind of glass chandelier that has stained glass shades.
  • Neoclassical: This stands out for its abundance of fine details and is arguably the most extravagant style.
  • Drum: This type of chandelier gets their name from their distinctive shape and has a chic arrangement of twigs and a cylindrical shade, which is typically made of fabric.
  • Industrial: Chandeliers with an industrial chic aesthetic do exist. They have edgy geometric designs, exposed bulbs, and solid metal frames.

What Advantages Do Chandeliers Offer?

Chandeliers are excellent for giving an area a really distinct aesthetic. However, they also offer a number of advantages.

They Are Lovely

Chandeliers look lovely, which is their best feature. These light fixtures serve both as functional and aesthetic objects. This enables them to improve the aesthetic value of any space they are in. Chandeliers look nice even when the lights are out, unlike other types of lighting. Some even have architectural features that let natural light enrich them.

They Minimize Space

A standing lamp uses floor space, while a conventional lamp takes up room on a counter or side table. When room is limited, this may make things challenging. Losing space in this way can make it difficult for other furnishings to find a place to fit in smaller residences. 

A chandelier, on the other hand, needs no room. It merely occupies space above the other furniture in the room and is used as needed. Additionally, by doing this, it is moved out of the way and less likely to be stepped over or accidentally thrown off a table.

They Keep a Warm Environment

Several other lighting fixtures concentrate on producing light in a simple manner. This may be excellent at a workplace or school, but it’s not that wonderful in a family. It will be uncomfortable and unpleasant to have this kind of lighting.

Chandeliers are made with pleasure in mind. Many of them serve to redirect and reflect light in a friendly manner. The home just feels perfect once a chandelier has been installed by an expert.

what is chandelier

They Prevent Wall Damage

Chandeliers and wall lights both have many advantages. Wall lighting, though, actually harms walls. Nobody wants to drill holes all over their wall just to hang some lights. The lights might need to be removed from the existing walls and relocated to other walls in the event that the space is later renovated or redecorated.

Wall lights also take up the room. As a result, there is less space in the room for artwork, portraits, and other wall hangings. Chandeliers also conserve space in this way.

They Have a Wide Variety of Designs

Chandeliers are a versatile product. It comes in a variety of designs, several of which were mentioned above. Additionally, these chandelier styles have a wide range of sub-varieties, resulting in a wide range of overall designs.

They are, therefore, ideal for all types of homes. Many different chandelier styles will look beautiful in a mansion. The same number might fit in a modest cottage. In addition, there are numerous options for every kind of home in between.

How to Select the Perfect Chandelier

A chandelier is a fantastic way to give any area a warm atmosphere and an eye-catching centerpiece if you want to upgrade your space. Here’s how to select the ideal one:

Pick a Chandelier Style

It’s simple to discover a chandelier design that complements the aesthetic of your home, from simple to elegant. 

Select the Right Material

Although chandeliers often feature a metal frame, other materials also contribute to the overall aesthetic of the piece. Chandeliers can be customized with features like cloth shades and crystal accents, which enhance the design and ambiance of your room. 

Choose an Appealing Finish

A wide variety of finishes are available for metal chandeliers. The fixture’s sheen and color are also determined by the coating. For instance, brushed nickel has a gentler, more textured texture than polished nickel, which has a smooth gloss. Bronze, black, silver, and gold are a few of the most widely used finishes.

There are countless possibilities available when selecting the perfect finish for your chandelier. Choose a chandelier finish that complements other finishes. For a custom look, we also advise combining and matching finishes. 

Choose the Ideal Chandelier Size

Another important factor in selecting a chandelier is size. Both in terms of size and positioning, the fixture must appear appropriate for the room. The ceiling height and the location of the chandelier installation will determine the proper chandelier hanging length. Before choosing the length of your chandelier’s hanging chain, always evaluate the height of your ceiling.  

Furthermore, one of the most crucial dimensions to consider when selecting a chandelier is width. Begin by determining the room’s length and width (both in feet), and then add the two measurements together to determine the right width of your chandelier. 


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