6 Restaurant Design Ideas for That Stunning & Unique Look

April 7, 2024
The layout of the restaurant should be given due consideration. The overall layout of the restaurant should be such that you can freely move around without disturbing others. You should be able to sit comfortably and access the various services easily. This article is about restaurant design ideas that you might like.

What attracts you to a restaurant other than food? Of course, it is the ambiance. The way a restaurant is designed plays an important role in attracting customers and making them feel like dining there.

The food served in a restaurant can be tasty and appealing. But what if the restaurant is not designed aesthetically? You will naturally don’t feel like going there.

Thus, along with the food you serve in a restaurant, the overall design and ambiance of the restaurant should also be given due consideration.

What are the things to consider while designing a restaurant?

Overall layout

How do you feel when you bang on other customers and waiters in a restaurant? You will naturally feel irritated, right? Thus, the layout of the restaurant should be given due consideration.

The overall layout of the restaurant should be such that you can freely move around without disturbing others. You should be able to sit comfortably and access the various services easily.

Restaurant Lighting Design

What makes a restaurant cozy and attractive? It is the lighting. The lights should set the right mood in the restaurant and, at the same time, provide enough brightness to the interiors.

Hanging pendant lights above the table can create a dramatic effect. Similarly, candlelight can set a romantic mood in the restaurant. Chandeliers hung in strategic locations can provide an elegant look to the restaurant’s interior.

Bespoke items

What makes restaurant decor stand out? Of course, the bespoke items you add to beautify the interiors.

These bespoke items include decor pieces, customized lighting, furniture, or wallpaper. You should pay close attention to detail and ensure that it blends with the overall decor of the restaurant.

Brand image

You are immediately reminded of a certain brand when you look at a specific color or style. How is that made possible? This is through effective branding.

The brand’s color, logo, and theme should be reflected in every minute detail of the restaurant design. From the color of the furniture and wallpaper to the napkin holder on the table, everything should reflect the brand.

Restaurant design ideas for that stunning look

Here are some interesting restaurant design ideas that can provide a unique look to your restaurant interiors.
restaurant design idea

1. Select unique themes

Some restaurant interiors are so ingrained in your mind that you will not forget even after years. How is this made possible? This is through the unique theme they used while designing the restaurant.

Restaurant interiors in a coastal or jungle theme will surely leave a positive vibe. Some are designed with an airplane theme to provide a unique experience to customers.

2. Add greenery

How many times have you been awed by the stunning greenery inside the restaurant? We are sure you might have felt cool and serene just by looking at those green spots.

Thus, adding a green touch is one way you can transform the look of your restaurant. You can go for a green landscape with enough space in the restaurant. The vertical garden is another great option for providing a green touch.

If the interior is small, you can keep small potted plants at the corner of the restaurant.

3. Go for an accent wall

Whether it is your home, office, or restaurant, there is nothing like creating a focal point. Don’t you think so?

An accent wall is the best way to create a focal point in the restaurant’s interiors. You can create this focal point with colors, designs, or textures. However, the brand image should always be considered when creating the accent wall.

4. Provide a local touch

Is there any local slang favorite with the youngsters? Does any local scene or movie create a unique vibe? Incorporating these scenes in the wall decor is another way to provide that authentic touch to the interiors.

You can seek the help of any local artist or community to create that unique painting on the wall. You can even go for some local installations to beautify the restaurant’s interior.
restaurant design

5. Go for mirrors

Does the restaurant interior look so small and cramped up that it looks unappealing? Adding mirrors on the wall is the best way to create an illusion of space.

If the room looks wider, you can install mirrors in landscape mode. On the other hand, to create an illusion of height, you can place them vertically.

6. Create magic in the ceiling

Have you ever felt the restaurant ceilings to be plain and boring? Not anymore as you can create magic in the ceiling and transform the overall look of the restaurant interior.

Adding textured paint is one way to provide a unique look to the ceiling. You can also opt for a wallpaper or industrial-style ceiling for that unique look.


The success of a restaurant depends not just on the food served, but also on how aesthetically the interiors are done. Incorporating unique restaurant design ideas can do magic for any restaurant.

From creating a local touch to designing unique accent walls and ceilings, unique restaurant design ideas can alter the way you look at restaurant interiors.