Why is Lighting Important for a Space?

November 17, 2023

Do you know which is the most crucial aspect of interior design? No, it is not the color of the wall or the home decor items used to beautify it. It is the lighting that you install that provides an entirely new dimension to the interior.

As you all know, lighting is crucial in our daily lives. Besides its practical utility, lighting influences mood, productivity, and overall well-being. It is a powerful tool that extends beyond simply illuminating your surroundings. In fact, the quality and quantity of light can profoundly affect various aspects of our lives.

Do you want to know more about the multifaceted and illuminating journey of lights? Then, read on…

Why is lighting important?

●     Transforms the look of a space

Are you considering changing the look of your bedroom to make it more romantic? Or do you want to incorporate new design elements into your living space? The best way to do this is by changing the lighting.

Lighting has the power to make a room more dramatic and impressive. Different shades of light, when combined the right way, can provide an entirely new dimension to your interiors.

From a simple and dull room to one with design aesthetics, you can easily transform the look of the room with the right lighting.

●     Highlight focal points

Do you have a beautiful painting or artwork in your room that you want to highlight? Or do you have an accent wall that you want to make a focal point?

Installing beautiful spotlights above or below the focal point helps grab the attention of others. Besides, it also accentuates the look of the focal point.
luxury chandelier idea

●     Change the size of the room

Do you know that lighting can change the size of a room? Yes, it does. Though it cannot change shape and size physically, it can create an illusion of larger or smaller size through the strategic placement of light.

Suppose you have a small room. The standard practice is to paint the walls white so that the room looks big. In addition, you should also place the light strategically so that it reflects the white color of the wall. This can create an illusion of space.

●     Create the right mood

As you all know, modern lighting is not just about creating a bright or warm hue. It’s about integrating lighting in such a way that it creates the right mood.

Do you want a soothing and relaxing set-up in the room? Or do you want multi-colored lights to jazz up the space? All this is now possible with state-of-the-art lighting fixtures.

Living rooms are mostly considered warm and serene as you welcome the guests to this room. Thus, the room should have warm lights that create a cozy feel. But what if you want to change that room to a party set-up? You should brighten the light and change its hue to get the desired result.

All this is now possible with modern lights as it offers much-needed flexibility.

●     Mimics outdoor light

Outdoor light or daylight is very important as it regulates the body’s circadian rhythm. But what if the room does not have any natural lighting? Artificial lighting is the only way to go.

Modern lights are now available that can mimic the natural outdoor light. Though it does not provide the same effect as outdoor light, it can boost your emotional and mental well-being to a certain extent.

What are the different types of lights used in interior design?

●     Pendant lights

Pendant lights are suspended from the ceiling using a metal or chain cord. They can either be hung as a single piece or in multiples. These lights are available in different sizes and shapes in glass, metal or plastic.

You will typically notice pendant lights hung above the kitchen island, dining table, or billiard table. This type of light is generally hung 70-80 cm above a surface.

●     Chandelier

Do you want to create that “wow” look in your interior and grab the attention of others? Then, chandeliers are the perfect choice.

With its branched design and ornamental light fixtures, chandeliers are the perfect choice to provide your interiors with a “wow” look. You can purchase an elaborate chandelier with several branched designs or a simple one with a minimalistic look, depending on your choice.

●     Ceiling lights

As the name suggests, Ceiling lights are installed in a room’s ceiling. It can either be recessed with the light flushed inside the ceiling or normal light that juts out from the ceiling.

Ceiling lights are also available in different sizes and styles. You can select one depending on the size of the room and the overall aesthetics you want to create in the room.

●     Wall lights

Wall lights are fixed to enhance the wall or lighten up a part of the room. These lights can either be a simple design with a bulb or an elaborate design that branches out, creating a focal point.

●     Floor lamps

Do you want to add style and class to your interiors? Aesthetically integrating floor lamps into your interiors is the way to go.

 You can use a floor lamp to accentuate a room’s beauty or light up a specific area of the room, like the reading corner. These lamps are available in both modern and traditional styles. Thus, you can go for one, depending on the overall decor theme of your room.

●     Table lamps

Are you looking for a miniature version of a floor lamp? Then table lamps are the perfect choice. Like floor lamps, table lamps can also be used to enhance the room’s overall look or light up a specific area of the room.

The main advantage of using table lamps is that they are highly portable. Thus, if you want to redo the room’s look, you can easily move the table lamp per your choice.

●     Art lights

Have you ever come across art installations with beautiful lights enhancing the work? These are called art lights.

The primary purpose of art light is to illuminate the artwork rather than light up a space. These are LED spotlights that are strategically placed within or around the artwork.

In addition to all the above forms of light, there is another category of lighting called accent light. Suppose you have a beautiful painting or an artwork installed on the wall. How do you make it stand out? It is through the use of accent lights.

Accent light can either be a spotlight, floor lamp or ceiling lamp that focuses on an artwork or accent wall. Thus, the primary purpose of accent light is to highlight or accentuate the look of a decor piece. 


As you might be aware, the significance of lighting extends far beyond mere illumination. Do you feel your mood swings, or are you becoming less productive and lethargic at work or at home? Lighting plays a vital role in this.

It is not just the indoor lighting that matters. Outdoor lighting, like garden lights, also plays a key role. Apart from accentuating the beauty of a space, it also affects your mood and keeps you productive and in high spirits.

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