Chulingyin Restaurant in Beijing



Beijing, China




Traditional Chinese


570 m²

Your lighting design has truly transformed the restaurant into an enchanting and immersive space. The dynamic changes in brightness you created have added a captivating element that seamlessly complements the overall ambiance. The interplay of light and shadow along the long corridor creates an alluring atmosphere, guiding our patrons on an extraordinary culinary journey.

Erica Lee

Project Manager

Project Story

Chulingyin restaurant, named after Chu’s Minister, is a beacon of high-end traditional Hunan cuisine. Our primary focus in design is to enhance theatricality and create a sense of ceremony. Picture a serene water pool, a captivating long corridor, dynamic lighting that plays with brightness, a mobile food cart that showcases culinary artistry, private room lounges, and elegant tea rooms—all essential elements to elevate the ambiance of sophistication and tradition. Today, tradition has seamlessly woven into the fabric of our lives, and our design aims to capture the essence of our cherished past while crafting a contemporary Chu’s Minister experience. With an illustrious heritage spanning millennia, the cultural legacy bestowed upon us by the Chinese nation resonates as both enigmatic and distinct, displaying qualities of modesty, restraint, simplicity, and profundity. It is an ongoing journey of creation and inheritance, where fragments of history allow us to glimpse the imprints of traditional culture. Like a vibrant streak of red on ancient pottery or lacquerware within a museum, or a subtle touch of green on a bronze or jade artifact, we aim to encapsulate these traces of our rich cultural tapestry.

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