Infrarouge Restaurant Shanghai



Beijing, China





The lighting design project for the restaurant was a masterstroke. The carefully crafted lighting schemes effortlessly complemented the dining experience, creating an enchanting and intimate atmosphere. From soft ambient lights to focused spotlights on tables, every detail was meticulously considered, resulting in a visually stunning and memorable dining environment. The lighting design added a touch of sophistication and warmth, enhancing the overall ambiance and leaving patrons impressed.

Angelien Janssen

Project Manager

Project Story

In a popular commercial and entertainment district in Beijing lies InfraRouge, a restaurant and club occupying the upper two levels of a prominent building in TaiKoo Li Sanlitun’s North Village. The venue charts an 18-hour journey from day to night, from lunch through to 4 am on the dance floor, to wrestle with this long usage program the venue adopts a split personality and an architectural device to link the two. The restaurant is decked in white marble and red hues, a red neon line traces around the layout and up into a central stairwell leading visitors up into an eyre club space of black marble, black leather, and dark terrazzo. the constant is the maroon upholstery, the red line, and a muse whose image adorns lenticular ceiling panels on both floors; the Muse animates when visitors gaze runs past the image, bringing movement to an otherwise static image. In the club space, switchable e-glass plays with the notion of privacy veiling and revealing according to the whims of software controllers and that of the DJ.

Fixture designed by: Atelier I-N-D-J Team
Manufactured by Langchu team

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