Harvest at Disneyland Shanghai



Shanghai, China





We are incredibly pleased with Langchu's collaboration and design for our restaurant. Their innovative approach in embracing the concrete framework while incorporating elements of plaster and ply has resulted in a captivating and unique dining space that perfectly captures our vision.

Ali Gilbert

Project Manager

Project Story

Situated on the outskirts of Shanghai’s newly formed Disney Town, the restaurant offers stunning views of a spacious lake. The design cleverly embraces the existing concrete framework, showcasing exposed slabs, columns, and ductwork while selectively concealing areas with planes of plaster and ply.

A central white ceiling plane serves as an organizing element, dividing the dining space into inward-facing areas with restaurant views and outward-facing areas with picturesque lake views. The interior section boasts a dark leather aesthetic, complementing the white ceiling plane. In contrast, the exterior section features deep red warm leather and meticulously finished exposed ductwork. The white ceiling plane gracefully curves to meet the wall at the far end of the restaurant, creating a seamless blend of ply and plaster through a gradient white paint application. A private dining room fully embraces this design approach, with incisions forming door and window openings that disregard the radial ribs typically defining the room’s structure.

The project also incorporates custom lighting fixtures designed exclusively for the space. These include a meticulously balanced, height-adjustable pulley light with a cast concrete counterweight, a cast resin drop pendant featuring a brass cowl and diffused COB LED lighting.

Photography: Sethpowersphotography Seth Powers

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