RUXU Yuenyeung & Tongsui Sugar House



Guangdong, China





RUXU specializes in oriental-style desserts. Langchu's proposal of traditional rice paper lantern perfect fits our aesthetic style. Not only the design, they translate the idea into reality in a very quick and professional manner. We'd definitely collaborate with them again!

Leslie Zhong

Project Manager

Project Story

RUXU Sugar House is a sister brand of Chatime, one of the largest tea beverage chain brands in Asia. RUXU specializes in Oriental-style desserts, crafting all ingredients by hand to deliver healthy and culturally rich snacks and teas to customers. Inspired by the concept of this sugar house, we have created a splendid rice paper lantern for RUXU using rice paper, giving it a soul from a certain perspective. Despite its small size, the store embodies craftsmanship and a slow-paced lifestyle, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for customers.
The exquisite rice paper lantern we have designed encapsulates the essence of elegance and serenity. With its delicate craftsmanship and ethereal glow, it casts a mesmerizing ambiance, captivating all who behold its beauty.

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this rice paper lantern pendant embraces the traditional artistry that has been passed down through generations. The thin, translucent rice paper allows the warm glow of the light source within to radiate softly, creating a gentle and inviting atmosphere.

The design of our rice paper pendant light showcases a harmonious blend of simplicity and sophistication. The clean lines and graceful curves create a sense of balance and harmony, evoking a feeling of tranquility and peace. Its minimalistic form exudes a timeless appeal that effortlessly complements any space, be it a serene Zen garden, a cozy living room, or a stylish contemporary interior.

The subtle play of light and shadow that dances through the rice paper adds depth and texture to its overall allure. As the lantern illuminates its surroundings, it casts intricate patterns on nearby surfaces, transforming the space into a captivating art installation.

Our rice paper light fixture embraces both function and aesthetics. Its versatile design allows for various hanging options, whether suspended from a ceiling, gently swaying in a breeze, or elegantly perched on a tabletop. It serves as a focal point, drawing attention and admiration while providing a gentle and soothing illumination.

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