Yuangu Tea House



Shanghai, China




Traditional Chinese

Langchu has exceeded our expectations with their exceptional work in crafting the lighting design for the teahouse. Their ability to seamlessly blend traditional Chinese aesthetics with modern technology has created an enchanting atmosphere that perfectly complements the overall design, leaving a lasting impression on our guests.

Michiel Huisman

Project Manager

Project Story

The first Yuangu store originated from Beijing Jianchang Hutong. From that moment, it brings a little flavor of Hutong. Hutong and old western-style house sound like two irrelevant words. However, this flagship store on Wuyuan Road was the first collision between them. Wuyuan Road is a small road in the historic area, which is located in the Xuhui district. It doesn’t have as many shops as Wukang Road, nor is it like an international friend street as Anfu Road. Wuyuan Road just has the characteristics that those two roads do not have-“quiet in noisy”. To some extent, its position should belong to Yuangu. We designed the light fixture to match that feel.

Work Process

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