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Langchu's commitment to excellence shone through every step of our project. Their ability to seamlessly blend artistic design with technical precision was impressive. The result was an awe-inspiring lighting system that adds a layer of sophistication and charm to our restaurant. We're thrilled with the outcome.

Sophia Rodriguez

Project Mannager for COSMO Chengdu

Project Story

A theatrically meandering path winds its way through a four-story building located in Central China. Our design for a real estate showroom orchestrates a meticulously crafted journey for customers, guiding them through stairs and elevators, as they are introduced to a mixed-use development project conceptualized by Aeadas. This project boasts a combination of retail, office spaces, live-work units, serviced apartments, and a unique residential concept that eliminates individual kitchens in favor of a communal serviced kitchen floor, catering to the preferences of Chinese urbanites who prioritize socializing over cooking.

The showroom initially presents an overview of the project on a citywide scale, gradually zooming in to focus on intricate details, and ultimately revealing the show flats. Each space within this sequence is thoughtfully designed to enhance the visitor’s experience. Narrow corridors, soundproof elevators with dim lighting, brightly lit areas flooded with natural light, and a mesmerizing cascading light installation create a sense of drama while connecting the floors through atria skillfully cut into the existing floor plates. Throughout this curatorial journey, a controlled palette of natural materials tempers the overall ambiance, adding a touch of sophistication.

Work Process

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